Zendesk unveils new Suite with powerful messaging solution

Company continues democratizing customer service with new enterprise-grade capabilities designed to make it easier and faster for companies to provide better customer support

SAN FRANCISCO – FEBRUARY 1, 2021 – Zendesk, Inc. (NYSE: ZEN), a customer service software company with support and sales products designed to improve customer relationships, today announced the general availability of its comprehensive messaging solution as part of the new Zendesk Suite. The new package brings together all Zendesk’s service capabilities, including messaging, into one complete offering that brings radical simplicity to the enterprise software space.

Zendesk’s powerful messaging tools are designed to give businesses the ability to have continuous, convenient and personalized conversations whether customers want to text, chat on their computer, reach out over WhatsApp, and more. Companies can now provide connected conversational experiences across web, mobile, and social channels that work easily out-of-the-box with built in automation and the power to scale to support modern enterprise needs. Zendesk’s messaging solution also offers advanced capabilities including proactive notifications, enabling specialized third-party bots, and allowing customers to transact directly within the conversation when browsing products, reserving seats, or making payments.

“Today’s customers demand real-time experiences at a level and pace we’ve never seen before. Companies cannot take customer loyalty for granted, and using outdated, expensive enterprise software that takes months to get up and running is a thing of the past,” said Adrian McDermott, President of Products at Zendesk. “Businesses need the best possible technology to remain agile and face customers’ ever-evolving needs. Within hours, Zendesk can help businesses deliver great customer experiences, with messaging front and center.”

Messaging has quickly become the preferred way for businesses and customers to communicate because it is convenient, fast and feels more personalized than ever before. Reinforcing this shift, Zendesk’s Customer Experience (CX) Trends Report 2021 showed a 110% increase in the use of social messaging, and in 2020, 64% of consumers said they tried a new way to get in touch with customer service, with messaging and bots as the leading choices.

“People today want to connect with businesses the same way they chat with their friends and family — with personal messaging to get questions answered and receive support quickly and conveniently. With more than 175 million people across the world already messaging a business account on WhatsApp every day, businesses of all sizes can deepen their customer relationships and increase their efficiency by turning to messaging to meet people where they want to be met,” said Kyle Jenke, partnerships director at WhatsApp. “Through partnerships with companies like Zendesk, we’re making it easier for businesses to shift their operations online during the ongoing pandemic so they can stay close to their customers even when they’re physically apart.”

Zendesk was one of the first SaaS companies to democratize the way businesses offered email support, and with its new Suite, is now leading the shift to messaging-driven relationships. In recent years, the company wholly focused on being champions of customer service, and built solutions on the belief that every relationship between a customer and brand should be reflected through one, ongoing conversation, no matter the channel or device.

By evolving the new Suite to include its comprehensive messaging solutions, Zendesk continues to arm businesses with the best technology to meet their customers’ needs – it makes it easy for companies to give customers the support they want, sets teams up for success with a unified agent workspace, and helps keep businesses in sync with an open and flexible platform. In addition, Zendesk’s enterprise-class security, scalable infrastructure, and industry leading workforce and change management tools provide all businesses with the ability to manage their teams, data and operations.

As part of the new Zendesk Suite, Zendesk also packaged all its service capabilities into one comprehensive solution with five new plans that include everything a business needs to succeed. The new streamlined experience makes it easy to choose the right plan for a business’s unique needs. For more information about the new Zendesk Suite, please go to zendesk.com/service.

About Zendesk – Champions of Customer Service
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SOURCE: Zendesk