Smartsheet Ushers Enterprises into New Era of Dynamic Work with Expanded Partner Ecosystem and New Product Innovations

Scalable Platform is Used by 80% of Fortune 500 to Drive Revenue, Reduce Risk, and Empower People by Unifying Collaboration, Workflows, and Project Management

SYDNEY, 18 February, 2021 – Smartsheet (NYSE:SMAR), the enterprise platform for dynamic work, today announced a series of ecosystem partners and product innovations that support enterprises as they adapt to the evolving nature of work. As companies seek ways to drive revenue, reduce risk, and align their people, they require a common platform that eliminates the silos created by “managing the management of work” to instead focus on the collaboration, workflows and content that drive outcomes.

“The world is changing rapidly, and to thrive in the new hybrid work environment, companies must go beyond the pursuit of productivity gains. This new imperative places productivity in the context of digital work transformation,” said Mark Mader, President and CEO of Smartsheet. “That’s why progressive leaders are improving corporate agility and unlocking value from more employees, realising the benefits of what a dynamic platform for project execution, automation, and customer engagement can do for the enterprise.”

As a result, global brands like Roche Diagnostics, Domino’s, Cisco, Syngenta and Mimecast together with local organisations such as NSW Department of Communities and Justice, Fox Sports Australia and many more public and private sector companies use Smartsheet to get work done.

This comes as Smartsheet has continued to grow its presence in the APAC region, including opening its head office in Sydney, Australia in January 2020.

“Technology will undoubtedly play a critical role in the future of work, and we are in a strong position to assist companies across the APAC region looking to transform how they execute their work,” said Nigel Mendonca, Vice President, Asia Pacific at Smartsheet. “We made a sizable investment in our APAC business last year and we are committed to growing our Sydney team by over 50 percent in 2021 in order to support and enable our fast-growing customer base in the region to harness a dynamic platform and thrive in this new work environment.”

Enhancing Enterprise Capabilities for Today’s Modern Digital Business
Leaders need the right tools to drive change across the enterprise. To enable dynamic work, Smartsheet recently expanded its capabilities across the critical elements of workflow, content management, and collaboration, to include:

  • Providing leaders with real-time resource management and insight on team activity to staff projects more strategically and optimise workforces;
  • Improving productivity with automated no-code workflows between Smartsheet and partner platforms to eliminate repetitive, manual processes and reduce the risk of mistakes as work is moved between platforms;
  • Simplifying collaboration and work with easy-to-build, intuitive web and mobile applications that unify sheets, forms, reports, dashboards and external web content to streamline business processes;
  • Helping marketers and creatives manage, distribute, and track assets at scale through newly acquired digital asset management platform Brandfolder.

Driving Dynamic Work and Collaboration Through Smartsheet’s Strategic Partner Ecosystem
Smartsheet’s growing global strategic partner ecosystem, along with local channel partnerships with ANATAS, DataSpark, RGP and UBT, enable secure and seamless real-time collaboration by connecting the tools most used by today’s enterprises. Smartsheet enables businesses to get more from their technology stack with key integrations, including:

  • The ability to easily send notifications, reminders and direct messages between Smartsheet and Microsoft Teams and add Smartsheet “tabs” within a Teams channel;
  • Allowing creative and marketing teams to better manage projects, resources, and workflows through Smartsheet’s Adobe Creative Cloud extension;
  • Automatically syncing data with the Smartsheet Salesforce Connector to ensure all stakeholders are viewing the most current information;
  • Enabling visibility into IT and software development projects through the Smartsheet Jira Connector by automatically synchronising issues to ensure every record is up to date.

Other Smartsheet partnerships and integrations include Amazon Web Services (AWS), Box, Dropbox, Google, Microsoft, Slack, ServiceNow and Workday.

“While many people have the same job title, no two people do their job the same way,” said Gene Farrell, Chief Product Officer at Smartsheet. “As the new hybrid work environment gives people more opportunity to redefine their jobs and think beyond prescribed or traditional roles, the possibilities for what they can achieve are limitless. That’s why we’ve built a scalable platform and an ecosystem that adapts to their unique needs and workstyles, both in the current environment and for the future.”

Planning Ahead for Long-term Hybrid Work
As companies prepare for a long-term shift to hybrid work, having a secure, adaptable platform that enables people to rapidly make an impact without assistance from IT, becomes more important than ever. Smartsheet has built its platform for the new era of dynamic work – one in which all employees can easily and securely access the tools, data, and insights that allow them to become more engaged, innovative and productive. The company will roll out more integrations, new products, and enhancements in the coming months.

About Smartsheet
Smartsheet (NYSE: SMAR) is the enterprise platform for dynamic work. By aligning people and technology so organizations can move faster and drive innovation, Smartsheet enables its millions of users to achieve more. Visit to learn more.

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